• Project VET Schools Doing Green

    Duration of the project
    01.10.2023 to 31.12.2025


    About the Project
    The project VET Schools Doing Green aims at raising awareness among VET students & Staff on the importance of sustainability and developing their Green Skills.
    In this way the partnership wants to contribute to raise Staff motivation to include environmental and sustainability related concepts inside the curricula. Concrete results(outputs) are a collection of experts’ masterclasses, of good practices shared by staff and environmental organizations, assignments created by staff and projects realized by students.

    Our project objectives

    • to encourage VET staff to devote explicit time to promote sustainable and environmental skills, attitudes and values in VET curricula
    • to include SDGs topics in the curricula through active teaching and cross-curricula and interdisciplinary content
    • to include sustainable and green skills in the assessment

      Our activities
    • to increase staff awareness, 4 paired Staff Weeks will be organised. For each pair, the partnership selected 3 SDGs to focus on. The first week of each pair will be dedicated to learning and training, the second to the practice: staff members, with the help of experts, will create green assignments for the students.
    • Students awareness will be raised through a 5-months piloting.
    • At the end of the project students from all participating institutions gather in Holland for a Students Week to share their experiences and learn more about sustainability and SDGs.

      Our products
    • collection of experts’ masterclasses
    • good practices shared by staff and environmental organizations
    • Green Diaries (stories by participating teachers and staff members)
    • assignments created by staff
    • projects realized by students.

      Target groups
    • Students in vocational education and training, teachers and other staff in vocational education and training, staekholders


  • Meetings

    Meeting Rhodos | October 2023
    During the EfVet conference in Rhodes, the project partners met to prepare for the kick-off meeting in November in Verona. It was nice to meet physically again after we had written the project plan together and received the positive answer in August that the project had received a Go. The content of the agenda was set. Besides formal Erasmus matters such as presenting the handbook and going through the contracts, the content of the project will also be on the agenda. Tasks, expectations and experiences will be exchanged.

    Kick off Verona | November 2023
    This meeting aimed at launching the VET SDGs project which officially started on 1st of October 2023. 
    In particular the aim of the meeting was: 

    - Provide all participants with a detailed project overview and specific information about each Work Package 
    - Prepare a detailed work plan of the activities for the first year of the project 
    - Establish financial and administrative procedures as well as the management structure of the project 

    The first day there was a presentation  given about WorkPackage 2 'Staff awareness development' and about the SDGs we selected during the writing of the project proposal: n° 3 (good health/well-being), 8 (decent work/economic growth), 12 (responsible consumption and production), 13 (climate action), 14 (life below water) and 15 (life on land). 
    The results of WP 2 should be: 
    1. Raised awareness among VET staff on the importance of sustainability and SDGs; 
    2. Developed Green Skills of VET staff consequent to an exchange of experiences and practices on the ways to become a sustainable school; 
    3. Motivated VET Staff able to include environmental and sustainability related concepts as a transversal competence inside the curricula. 

    The WorkPackage will consist of two paired weeks: the first one will focus on learning and training, the second one on practice (creation of assignments for the students). In between the staff will work on a Green Diary. The second day information was given about project manament, about the project handbook, dissemination, monitoring, quality control

    Meeting Bilbao | March 2024
    During the stay in Bilbao the first staff training meeting took place.  The aim was to increase awareness, as well as that of teachers and learners, about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).The core of the project, the sustainable development goals, cover broad areas from reducing poverty, equality, environmental activism, to economic growth.
    Several experiences were told, we were informed about different topics about working on sustainability. Differences were also clarified like the water shortage in South Europe comparing to the Northern part of Europe where this challenge not (yet?) exist. 

    UNESCO-Etxea and BBK Kuna gave information about : Incorporating SDGs into VET Curricula
    Osakidetza SDG 3 Mental Health and Well-being informed the staff members about Verbal de-escalation as a tool for conflict management
    CFP Centromoda Canossa  a vocational fashion school in Trento gave a presentation about sustainable fashion. They gave information about ATOTUS. It means “to everybody” in regional dialect of Sardina. Their aim is to reduce waste and to promote sustainable fashion.

  • Results

    Will follow as soon as possible

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